Thursday, December 29, 2016

The last leaves

The last leaves still cling to the branches. What is that? Courage? Commitment? Or maybe folly and hubris. Whatever it is we know any remaining squatters will be pushed aside by a new generation of leaves.  That first leaf -- sometime back in September -- where is she now? Blown on to the neighbors yard, or maybe right under the tree now covered by others and forgotten. Some more fell in October and more still even on that day in early November that was too warm and it seemed like summer was clawing his way back. A cold front in late November took many followed by an early snow, barely an inch, but just enough for us to forget the fallen leaves. We woke up that morning startled by the new view.

These last few stalwarts, the centenarians of their lot, may just make it to the new year. I hope so -- they've seen a lot. Soon enough they'll join their fallen brothers and sisters. Just like last year.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I've been thinking about the whole Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays thing, as if there can be a winner. It occurs to me that part of our troubles has to do with the notion that its the receiver of the good wish who gets to be the arbiter of what is right for him or her. What if we simply flip it? It's the thought that counts, right? And the act of giving is the act we should acknowledge. So let the giver choose. If they choose "Happy Holidays," what's the offense? That's what they want to wish you. Likewise, if a "Merry Christmas" comes your way, then feel the joy that is inside that giver's expression of grace. Or Happy Kwanzaa or Hanukkah, New Years or Solstice and so on. Let's give deference to the giver of the expression rather than try to guess what the recipient will tolerate. Because all expressions of human connection and love we should embrace.

Peace and prosperity to us all as we head into the New Year!