Thursday, May 13, 2010


Thirsty, I wandered the desert in search of cool waters. I came to a small rivulet and drank from it, but the water was sour and made me sick. I then came to a shallow pool with reeds and drank from it, but the water was salty and made me sick. I continued onward and came to small oasis with a pool. I stopped and drank from it, but its source had dried and the pool became stagnant. I continued onward, digging here and there in the earth divining for water, or occasionally catching the morning dew for a small sip to wet my dry lips. I continued on. I arrived at a sandy cliff. As I edged forward to look below it gave way and I fell. The weightless fall both terrified and exhilarated. I plunged head long into a deep rolling river fed by mountain streams. I gasped for breath. Finding my balance I gulped in the cool, sweet waters. The water washed over and cleansed. I was alive. The current swept forward and carried me into the most beautiful valley any man has ever seen. I breathed in the fragrance of the loamy soil and perfume of the surrounding forest wood. The dappled sun passing through the embracing tree canopy warmed me. Sounds of the water dancing around large stones upon the bedrock and lapping the sandy banks weaved into beautiful hymns.

This was sacred land. I rested upon the shore and built a fire. So abundant was this sacred land that new life sprang forth and we all drank of the cool sweet waters, played in the forest and danced by the fire on the sturdy bank of the water. For eternity, we dreamed, would we drink and play and dance.

Then suddenly the land shifted and shook. The trees groaned with anguish and were uprooted. The bedrock moaned in despair and our sturdy bank gave way plunging us back into the river. And now three of us hold on dearly and gasp for air and wonder to what unknown place the current takes us.


  1. That was beautifully written John.

    ~ Jessica

  2. john,
    Hopefully the current will bring you peace. You said it so beautifully.
    Carolyn S.

  3. John, I just discovered you and your blog, thanks to Supa. All I can say is, wow. You are an amazing writer. My two kids lost their mom and I my wife of 19 years this past January. I do not write things anywhere near as eloquent and expressive as you, but it has helped me immensely and hopefully has or will help others. Thank you so much for sharing.