Sunday, May 23, 2010


Flowers began arriving the next day and for several days after. Each a gift of grief and sorrow and disbelief. Pinks and purples and lavenders were Amy's favorites and she would have liked those especially. They sit on the porch, near the fireplace and in the dining room. Now three weeks old, a good life for cut flowers, they show their age. As color fades and fragrance decays some have dried completely, some wilted, while a few hang on.

A friend suggested pressing a bloom from each as a keepsake. That seems right. The others need a new place to rest.

Once added to our compost pile, to rich earth shall they slowly return. Inside, the flowers remain by the fireplace and in the dining room. Outside, the flowers have moved from the porch to the walk, one step closer to the compost out back. One baby step.

1 comment:

  1. Keep taking those baby steps, John. We are here for you to hold your hand should you stumble.

    I love purple and pink too. They are beautiful colors. In the past I've helped family and friends who have lost loved ones preserve flowers in a glass dome with an inscription on it in their memory. That was back in SC where I'm from but I'm sure there must be such a place here. We usually saved the most beautiful roses from the service. Maybe we can do something like that with any roses at Amy's memorial service.

    Sending you a big hug!!!! We are all here for you.