Sunday, July 11, 2010


A low frequency resonates. Too low for our human ears, but if you allow your soul to listen, you will know it. When low to the earth you can feel its constant rumble. This base frequency, this drone, is set against the other frequencies we can hear, when we take the time to listen. Too often we deny the low frequency. To acknowledge it, we fear, gives it power over us. But it is only through intimacy with the low frequency that we can ever hope to incorporate it and render it, not powerful, but part of our melody. Which is the best we can do with the low frequency.

When we prevent the low frequency, the drone, from vibrating through us, it vibrates against us causing pain and sickness. I have felt that pain and been sick. As we distance ourselves from death we distance ourselves from life. To acknowledge death we give fullness to life. Why are we so scared to give fullness to life?

Listen for the full harmony, all the frequencies, especially that lowest tone, and let it vibrate through you. Feel the rhythm your soul sets; embrace it; dance.

Will you listen to the low frequency with me? Together we can remove it's power and experience the full harmony of our short lives.


  1. Yes. I will listen with you. I've been listening all week. A bad week for me and the grieving process you know I'm going through. Anniversaries and reminders really cause me intense anxiety. I can't focus on other parts of my life because my thoughts are consumed by grief. Its challenging. But my personal experience and yours is teaching me so much about life and I'm trying to live my life more fully. I feel like sometimes though the grief gets in the way!

  2. I would love to. I have always sensed it but never defined it. Just started reading this blog of yours. Thank you.