Thursday, July 29, 2010

Season Passing

Today marks three months - one season - since Amy was hit and killed by a truck as she crossed M Street in South East DC on her way to work. One quarter trip around Sun. Earth rotations continue. Ninety-two so far.

I'm obsessed with time. Or at least its passage. Got to get through this moment, this hour, day, month, season, year. Got to get through this birthday, anniversary, holiday.

My son attends summer camp at our nearby large university. Dropping him off yesterday, I started imagining 10 years in the future: Would he come to college here? That would be nice. But then I imagined graduation. Without his mother. That will be sad. I imagine the sadness will fade some from where it is today, but it will be there. Always there. Graduations are to be joyful and festive. And hopefully his will be. But not exclusively. With luck, there will be prom dates and weddings and births. And each will be joyful, I imagine, and sad. That sadness is part of us in this life.

Just got to get through this life.


  1. Yes, we all have to get through the best we can. You're doing an amazing job, John. Just keep it up, and ask for help when you need it!

  2. and on a Thursday, too...

  3. I do this too. On current guesstimate, I reckon I've got to live through about 50 more years ... years of graduations, weddings, births, grandchildren.
    I know that, no matter how much "healing" we do, sadness will stain every single one of these milestones....