Sunday, August 8, 2010


Do you think we're lost?
No. I don't think we're lost. I know we're lost.

There was a time when getting lost was fun. Young and immortal, off we'd ride in the hills of south-west Virginia. We'd just drive off down Route 460, turn off on a side road, then another, maybe come to a fire road then race deeper into the national forest. Streams were fun to explore especially in summer. We'd wander about, sip the cool water, get high, sit with nature, and bullshit. Then dead reckon our way home.

Now older and very mortal, we are lost after unintentionally plunging deep into unfamiliar forest. Having been lost before, though not as severely, I fight my instinct to turn around. That strategy always leads to wandering in circles. The only way is forward. If I can just get us to a crest, above the trees, I can get our bearing. Then we can scan for a valley, and perhaps find a stream to guide our way out.


  1. The feeling of being lost is what gives the feeling of being found such profound sweetness. We necessarily experience both, over and over again, throughout our lives. Keep forging ahead.