Saturday, October 30, 2010

Heaven Dancing

I close my eyes and see you smiling and spinning. Veils of purple and lavender and pink trailing behind.  If there is a heaven, you dance there tonight.

I close my eyes and hear the songs and rhythms which play for you. Sometimes mournful, sometimes ecstatic, but always accompanied by the low drone from the universe's vibration.

I close my eyes and feel a tickle as a tear rolls down my cheek and around my chin.
I close my eyes, spread my arms wide and breathe in.

Keep dancing best beloved.  We are half way around our first orbit of Sun since you were taken away from this plane.  Time continues to ebb and flow, but it at last moves again.   And the planets somehow remain intent on their spinning.

In circular motions we are on our way back to the beginning.


  1. Hi John - I’m Andrea from the Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation ( We are interested in adding your blog to the blog roll on the resource page of our website. Please email me at to let me know the best way to contact you so we can discuss the possibility of adding your blog. Thank you so much!

  2. Beautiful writing. Circular motions. Love that.