Friday, January 21, 2011

Soap Bubbles

It's the small things, really.  I used to see her everywhere.  In the clouds, the trees, the rain.  But now I see her in the medicine cabinet and on my tax return form.

Qualifying Widow(er) with dependent children
The other day I opened the medicine cabinet and there she was - woman's daily multi-vitamin, birth control pills, and benadryl for sinus headaches.

I used our last bar of soap.  The soap she liked and would buy on sale.  I think about this as I hold the last dissolving sliver in my hand. Then it foams and disintegrates as it washes down the shower drain.  For a moment I wonder, should I have kept it?  I cry as hot shower water runs down over me.

Like soap bubbles we join together as foam then dissolve back into water.

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