Thursday, November 17, 2011

Moments in Time


A momentary embrace now locked in Time’s cold crystal like a bud in amber forever preserved.  Never bloomed, the imagined flowered fragrance, musky and sweet, lingers.  Lingers in the nose as a dream memory.

Holding the amber gem, they see what was, not what could be, but can they not mourn the loss? Like so many other.

Time.  She never looks back and wonders.  Forward, unceasing, she plods.


They walk, hand-in-hand, through the grove of cherry trees as a warm evening breeze separates the last petals from their buds. Moonlit, they flitter back and forth like snow and blanket the earth to which they return.  He is afraid.


Soft rain settles in to the thirsty soil. 
Brave new shoots reach to a tentative sun.
You embrace me and lift me up.
Tender roots stretch.

1 comment:

  1. thank you for your lovely vignettes of beautiful, hopeful and sometimes sad moments ah, the bitter-sweetness of life
    you have inspired me to share a story


    i was 17 and he swept me off my feet
    but (and you know there is always a but with a story that starts like this)
    as i was falling into him
    he was falling for the boys

    so we found another way
    we danced
    and we danced
    and we danced some more
    by the sparkly light of the glittery disco ball
    to the beat of donna and sylvester
    grace gloria abba and chic

    to form a connection
    a bond that has lasted for 30+ years

    2 years ago
    i had one of those BIG b-days
    and he came
    from key west to ca
    to celebrate

    and after the food and the wine and the laughter of the party was winding down
    someone turned on the music
    dragged the couches out of the way
    and we danced

    i found out that
    he's slipping away
    and my heart is breaking
    all over
    like when i was 17
    and he swept me off my feet

    is this really
    the last dance