Thursday, February 23, 2012

Little Kitty

One of our pets, Lori's kitty cat, Little Kitty, died last night.  She was small and frail and of unknown age.  She showed up at the doorstep of one of Lori's sister's clients about two years ago and Lori eventually took her in.  Little Kitty was little, very little, and was never in great health but was cute and adorable.  She seemed not well starting a few days ago and Lori took her to the vet yesterday.  They did some tests and gave us meds but she didn't last long enough to for us to try.

Last picture of Little Kitty eating food on February 12, 2012.
Photo courtesy Bryan Robinette (age 6)
Little Kitty had a little bed in our home office.  At about 11:30 last night I shut down for the night and said goodnight to her.  I scratched the top of her head and she looked towards me.  Her breathing was rapid and shallow.  She did not look well at all but I had no idea how close to death she really was.  At 2:00 a.m., Lori woke me up and told me Little Kitty was dead.

We cried and held each other then took to the practical matter of taking care of her little body.  We wrapped her in a couple towels, set her in a box, then put her in the basement on a table where she is right now.  I woke up the boys for school and told them first thing.  They were sad, of course.  I contemplated waiting until after school but Adam has guitar lessons and Bryan would likely find out first and that wouldn't be so good.  And they knew Little Kitty was sick so there was a good chance they'd have asked where she was anyway.

We'll miss you Little Kitty.

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  1. She was a good and very sweet little kitty, John.