Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Time to Scatter Stones

The first part: Goodbye again

You are gone, yet not, and I hold on. How can I let you go? Time and space contort as I reach through the veil to caress your cheek. My arm drops down your side and I take your hand in mine and, for a moment, you squeeze back. Then I look down and am holding only whisper.

A lover says goodbye many times.

The second part: A prayer

My Dear Beloved,

During our earthly communion we briefly wandered a path. But along the way you were called to return to the Infinity. I now stand at a place where we once wandered. I hold this place in my heart in remembrance of a shared dream of a life together; a dream from which we awoke suddenly. And today, at this appointed time, I declare this place sacred.

I take holy waters from this lake to purify my mind that it may be clear and quiet; an empty vessel for wisdom that will never be full.

I take holy waters from this lake to purify my body that it may be strong and firm yet gentle and yielding.

I take holy waters to purify my soul that I may be willing as the Infinite leads it towards the unknowable truth.

I do this to prepare myself to return you to the waters, the winds, and the earth.

Oh Infinite and Unknowable,
I now command to You ashes from my beloved Amy whose life-force You so swiftly reclaimed to rejoin. I do this to honor Amy and her memory of this place of still waters and rolling hills, peaceful meadows and quiet woods. I do this to honor Amy and her memory of a time we held together and our memory of a time that never came. That she is in union with You in spirit and now in union with You in body, I ask of You, for her, eternal peace.


The third part: You become the lake

You become the lake and in time the fish and the yellow lilies that break through the water’s surface to embrace the sun. I gaze into the still waters at twilight and see your smile and a tear in your eye. How was it we became this? A gentle breeze answers in the trees.


Sparrows flitter home, branch-by-branch, chirping to each other about their day. A lonely frog calls out to an unknown lover.


In the fading light the lily pads arrange themselves in geometric patterns like magic carpets floating on mercury. I see you resting on one. We embrace, I join you, and we make love one last time.


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