Friday, May 17, 2013

Get your life in focus and love everyone

This week I’ve been in Charlotte, NC attending a leadership workshop. Advanced Mastery it’s called. I won’t get into the details, but I’ll just say it’s been a very good week.

As I prepared for the workshop I was having a difficult time getting my thoughts together. I felt my attention was distracted in many different areas: My day job, the start-up Lori and I are working on, my writing, being a partner, a father, and so on. I just couldn’t seem to get my self focused.

On Monday morning, before the workshop started, I went for a run. Charlotte is a nice, compact city and jogging is easy, especially with the lovely weather we had. The newish Little Sugar Creek Greenway hiker-biker trail runs roughly north-south just east of the Central Business District. And it was during this run that I saw this sign:

Ok. I get it!
As the workshop unfolded I noticed things coming into focus. It felt good. Feels good.  Thank you sign!

On Thursday I felt I was nearing a bit of a breakthrough. I was getting very close to coming to some sense of understanding regarding the events of my life, how I wanted to be as a person in relationship at home and at work, how this all connects to my desire to protect the environment. So Thursday morning I went for a walk and ventured through a different part of town. And it was during this walk I saw this graffiti:

Ok. I get it!
And it all clicked into place. Love is the unifying concept here. It is both so simple yet so hidden. Thank you graffiti artist!

This isn’t the first time a sign has conveyed some necessary message to me. And hopefully not the last.

I’m going to start paying better attention to the signs all around me.

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