Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Twerk Respect

Dear readers,

Particularly you younger, Generation Y readers: Using my “blogger pulpit” I feel compelled to respond to the “Twerk-tastrophy” that has gripped the nation the past few days. Unless you are living in a cave, or are approaching 47 in a couple days, you know exactly what I am talking about.

But for you cave dwellers and late 40-somethings, I am talking about the VMAs, better known as the MTV Video Music Awards: the program where Peter Gabriel won 10 awards in 1987 for Sledgehammer. Yeah!

That was back in the day when MTV still showed real music videos.

And at this year’s “VMA” Billy Ray Cyrus’s little girl porno-danced something called “The Twerk.”

Ok, fine, so I had to google “twerk” to find out what it is. And I didn’t even know the VMAs were on until I started seeing other blog posts, and news articles, and Facebook statuses referencing this most recent Crime Against Humanity. And I didn’t even know what the VMAs were until I asked my wife, Lori, and she told me it’s the MTV awards show. Aha! MTV!

I wasn't even sure MTV is still on. I guess I skip right past it surfing from HGTV to ESPN. Whatever.

Of course wanting to feel connected to whatever it is that is pop culture these days I sat in front of my google machine and starting searching:  “VMA Twerk”, “Miley Cyrus Twerk”, and so on. And when I was sure no one was looking, I watched a YouTube of her performance.

Wow. And I mean wow!

All I can say is, “what is up with all the giant plushies? That seems kind of creepy.”

But also, this thing they call Twerk or Twerking - when did this all start? According to Wikipedia, it’s been around a while, about 15 years or so, growing up in the hip hop culture, which makes me wonder: Is it just because a white girl is doing this that we are all upset? Hmm. Maybe, or maybe that’s too simple. That’s for another essay.

What twerking used to look like!
But my real objection is this: There seems to be no respect or recognition whatsoever of the elders of twerking. The current generation of Millennials could at least acknowledge the heritage of their art form. And you know whom I’m talking about. The proto-twerkers from back in my day: Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray. And it was called Dirty Dancing then which is a far more accurate descriptor than The Twerk.

So, from the original slacker GenXers to the current slacker Millennials, give your elders the props they deserve.

I said that right, yes? Props?

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  1. yes. you said that right. full props.