Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Today is my favorite day of the year! The once-each-year gift of a full 25-hour day!  Such a glorious human contrivance and such fortunate ones are we - the receivers of that precious extra hour of sleep, or church, or hanging out with family, or reading the Sunday newspaper.

Now, join with me everyone:

Take in a nice full breath through the nose. Hold it for a moment. Exhale slowly through your mouth.


Doesn’t that feel good? And doesn’t it feel good to know you could take the extra time for a meditative breathing pause and still be ahead for the day by over 59 minutes?

Photo Credit: Oatsy40 using Creative Commons License
Fall Back Day should be a national holiday. We should honor Benjamin Franklin, the alleged creator of Daylight Savings time. And he needs a day anyway. A key Founding Father, yet not a President, he gets the short-shrift on President’s Day. We should honor this great man. Maybe have a parade. One that lasts about 15 minutes because I want to use some of my extra time to sleep in a bit and the rest to catch-up on chores.

I read once an idea about Daylight Savings Time, and I can’t recall the source, but with modern technology and computers we could set our clocks ahead, every day, 10-minutes for the week, then reclaim it on Sunday. Think of it. Each day I’m sure we could easily come up with 10-minutes we just piss away. FaceBook, BuzzFeed, reading people’s blogs, whatever. Idle time. Instead of that, we simply allow the computers and the Internet to adjust our clocks and phones and DVR machines ahead 10 minutes each day, Monday through Saturday, for six days. Then on Sunday, every Sunday, after we’ve accumulated 60 minutes, we could Fall Back one hour! ONE HOUR! Amazing! And we’ll never miss those 10 little minutes each day during the week. Who needs it on a Monday anyway? Monday is bad enough already; it should definitely be 10 minutes shorter.

You may now be asking: "So, when can we create this magical utopian world of 25-hour Sundays?" I say: "Why wait?"

Lets get the smart people at the U.S. Naval Observatory, the head keepers of time in the land, to work in partnership with Google, probably Disney, and the Koch Brothers, who really run the country, to develop a plan for this. The 2016 general elections are just two years away. That’s plenty of time to work out the details and for at least one of the parties to adopt the plan in its party platform.

And that will be the party that gets my vote!