Saturday, February 25, 2017


Where scary monsters sometimes reside
The sound of crying from the floor below startles me awake. It's 1:12 a.m. as I jump out of bed. My younger son is standing at the bottom of the stairs crying in panic, staring and pointing. The night shadow shapes in the small hall to the front door are whatever monster your 11-year-old fevered brain conjures. I put my arms around him and he is soaking wet, head to toe. I tell him it's okay. It's just a dream, he is safe, and so on, but it takes a minute or more and I turn on a light to vanquish the monster and transform it back to a harmless handbag hanging from the front door handle.

We get a drink of water, head back to his room, and change into dry jammies. I gently rub his back and massage his sweaty scalp fantasizing that my dad-magic makes fevers and coughs disappear as easily as monsters.

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