Monday, February 6, 2017

Lessons from the Super Bowl

For the game, our family of four was joined by two adult friends and two young neighbor friends of our 11-year-old. Eight in total, six rooted for the Falcons and two for the Pats. The 11-year-old Pats' fan was particularly partisan with face paint and a Gronk jersey. The rest of us were more interested in a good game. 

And now, my lessons from the game:
Odin! Get down boy - I can't see!

Lesson #1—Never give up. Our dejected young Pats' fan left for home at half-time and said his one wish was for the Pats to score enough points so that "when I feel sick from the game it won't be that sick." But that is not what the Pats said. They didn't say, "let's score enough points so that our sickened fans aren't that sick." They said something else. Right after the game, as the confetti still fell, our 11-year-old Pats' friend fan burst into our house (along with an apology text from his father) screaming with exuberant joy. It was fun to see. 

Lesson #2—Learn from others. The NFL should adopt the NCAA college overtime rules starting with the next season. The winner take all overtime, even with the provision that you can't win on a field goal at the outset, gives too much weight to the coin toss. As thrilling as last night's ending was, Atlanta's offense deserved one more chance. 

I hope I can remember these lessons until March Madness rolls around.

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