Friday, February 3, 2017

Need to tear up the street

Crew digs up our street for new gas line.
Our house was built in 1940. Our neighbor’s house to the right was built in 1948. In our neighborhood of a couple hundred homes there are a handful built before 1941 and the rest after 1948. A few years ago they tore up the streets to replace the aging water and sewer lines. Now they are doing it for 75-year-old or so gas lines. We’ve had some leaks here and there, nothing consequential, but that occasional and subtle rotten egg smell coming up from the front yard, near the curb, meant it was time.

It’s a mess. There is a rolling detour as section by section of street is trenched for the new supply pipe, a yellow plastic pipe that will last 100 years, one of the crew explained to me. The old pipe, steel or something, runs along our front yards. They won’t dig that up. It’ll just stay buried forever and at some point a valve will flip up stream to activate the new piping.  I started to wonder what they’ll do in a hundred years when the new yellow pipe starts to give out then decided to worry about that later.

It’s inconvenient but everyone seems to be taking it in stride. What’s the option? If we want hot showers or cooked food we need the street torn up.


  1. Hopefully, in a hundred years we will no longer be using natural gas or any other petroleum or coal based product for our energy needs. We can then leave them buried with the rust remaining from the iron pipes.