Thursday, March 16, 2017

Something for everyone! My Men's NCAA Brackets

In the interest of politicizing everything possible, I decided to make my bracket picks based on party affiliation. That is, I would choose my teams based on the congressional district the school is located in and how it voted in the 2016 Presidential election. I created three brackets. One for Dems, one for Reps, then a bi-partisan bracket. The methodology is simple: Find the district the school is in by the school's zip code. Then determine the percent vote for Trump or Clinton. For the Democratic bracket, simply pick the school in each match-up with the higher percentage vote for Clinton. Likewise for the Republican bracket, choose the school with the higher percentage vote for Trump.

For the Purple, Bi-partisan Bracket, I calculated the difference between the percentage vote for Clinton and Trump and selected the team in the district with the lower number. That is, the vote between Clinton and Trump was smaller.

Depending on your preferences, you'll be cheering on either USC (Dems), Northern Kentucky (Reps), or U or Oregon (Bi).

Remember, this is for entertainment purposes only. No one should actually be betting on these brackets.

NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney Bracket for Democrats
NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney Bracket for Republicans 
NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney Bracket for Hopeless Romantics

Sorry Libertarians and Greens, you're on your own!

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