Monday, July 31, 2017

Hole in the Sun is Moving

Dear readers,

First, thank you all for following Hole in the Sun over the years. It's been an interesting seven years, to say the least, from the first days of intense and paralyzing grief, through finding new love, the challenges of blending a family, and now raising teenagers, and exploring what it means to get older. My writing has been a way for me to explore my emotions, find meaning, and to get closer to my grief; for me it is a way to give it meaning with out it paralyzing.

I'm in the process of re-inventing Hole in the Sun. Part of this is to move to a platform that facilitates my writing and hopefully creates a better experience for the reader. Medium is that platform and it is where you will find my new essays. It is at

I'm in the process of editing and migrating over some of my older posts that first within the original context of Hole in the Sun, that is, exploring what it mean to be a human, to experience life, love, and death.

I am also going to be contributing my more political and satirical essays to a different platform. I'll say more about that on Medium when it is ready. The migration process should happen soon and then all url requests will go to the Medium platform.

I am also working on a memoir with a good friend and collaborator Robert Jacoby. The manuscript has gone through final editing and we hope to find an agent and publisher within the year. The memoir is tentatively titled "Never Stop Dancing" and it is a accounting of my first year after Amy died. It's be a challenging, but powerful and cathartic experience. I hope you'll follow me on Medium so I can update you as that project unfolds.

Peace and love,

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